Founder, lead vocalist, and keyboard player, Anissa has extensive
professional music experience that includes touring both the US and
Europe in jazz, rock, and pop style groups. She can stir you with soft
and sweet ballads, or just as readily “move the walls” as she belts out a
rock classic. A native of the Dallas area, she has performed in several
highly acclaimed local bands. After moving to Bentonville, AR, she
established Red Ambition to provide NWA with the kind of exceptional
entertainment she was used to in the big city.
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Our Current LineUp:
Sarah is the second lead vocalist. A native of Joplin, MO, she began her
musical career at age five by learning piano with the sole goal of becoming
a church pianist, but by age 19, she was a professional singer, touring with
a gospel group. Over the next several years, Sarah found herself writing  
and recording original music, and singing and playing keyboards and
saxophone in a number of different bands, in a wide variety of genres, from
gospel to pop to blues to country. That exceptional versatility and a voice
that can go from sweet to powerful in a single phrase make her a perfect fit
for Red Ambition.
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About the Band
Red Ambition
Gary "Mooch" Mucci was born and raised in Reading, Massachusetts and
has been performing with bands and playing guitar and bass for over 40
years. Early efforts were often regional touring R&B and Rock bands; more
recently Mooch played stadiums and state fairs all over the country opening
for numerous country artists. In addition to performing with Red Ambition,
Mooch teaches guitar and enjoys farming and building. He and his wife
Elsie have been happily married for over 35 years.
Gary grew up in a family of musicians outside of the famous Austin City
limits. He started playing drums about the time he started school, and by
age 11 was playing in a 6 piece band with his dad on bass. A few short
years later, he formed and successfully managed his very own band and
has had an exciting career as a drummer ever since. Some of the talented
artists that Gary has played with include the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Jimmy
Vaughn, Earl Thomas Conley, John Conlee, Asleep at the Wheel, Sylvia,
Alabama, the Oak Ridge Boys, Michael Martin Murphy, and his own band
Leather and Lace. G is also a certified trainer, yoga instructor, and
massage therapist.
Last, and certainly not least, is our on-site sound and light
engineer, Dwight. He has mastered the intricacies of the band’s
modern sound & light system, and his skills enable the players
to look and sound as they should each and every time they hit
the stage.
Sarah: Vocals / Keys
Mooch: Guitar / Vocals
Gary: Drums
: Bass Guitar/Vocals
Dwight: Sound & Lights
upcoming shows
upcoming shows
upcoming shows
Anissa: Vocals / Keys
Red Ambition has become one of the area’s premiere choices for
entertainment since coming together in 2008. The collective energy, talent, and
dedication of its five artists electrifies NWA audiences and always leaves them
wanting more.  

As life moves on
, so do the players of Red Ambition from time to time. You will
see new faces and hear new voices from us sometimes, but we will always be
Red Ambition.

I would like to send a special "Thank You" to
Jamie Anawaty, one of the
founders of
Red Ambition. He is now one of the premier sound professionals
in NW AR, but is responsible for so much of what we have become. The logo
artwork, the trailer artwork, and the top-notch lighting and sound would not have
happened without him. Please call on
ProSound Consulting                          
( for any live sound needs you might have.

Also, a very special thanks to
Tamara Henschell,  the other RA founder, who
will be playing with us only on occasion as she moves on to grad school and a
brand new profession. Her spunky brand of fun and awesome vocals and
harmonies helped create the sound that has solidified Red Ambition as a
crowd favorite.
Fayetteville, AR
April 4 - Relay for Life @ the
Gardens at the University of
Springdale, AR
April 15 @ Jose's SW Grill
Fayetteville, AR
April 18 @ Jose's on Dickson
Springdale, AR
May 16 @ Jose's SW Grill
Fayetteville, AR
May 22 @ Jose's Dickson
Springdale, AR
June 10 @ Jose's SW Grill
Fayetteville, AR
June 27 @ Jose's on Dickson
Fayetteville, AR
July 17  @ Jose's on Dickson
Springdale, AR
July 25 @ Jose's SW Grill
Fayetteville, AR
Aug 15 @Jose's on Dickson
Springdale, AR
Aug 29 @Jose's SW Grill